Achieving Meaningful Change

Achieving meaningful change

I help people and organisations who are stuck with personal or business problems and don’t know what to do or which way to turn.

To help my clients achieve real sustained change I employ the insights of psychology, supported by my own experience of change and a style of mentoring that wins trust and allows the work of change to happen. I can and do get results where others have failed.

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Working with Individuals

Working with Individuals

Relationship with Self when you are not at peace or become your own worst enemy.

Relationship with Others when you experience suffering, disharmony or conflict and wonder how you can find your way to resolve these problems.

Experience of Work/Life when frustration, confusion or resistance tells you that something's wrong and change is needed.

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Working With Organisations

Working with Organisations

Facilitating communication when it has broken down.

Problem solving, where traditional ways of doing things are not achieving the desired outcome and the organisation is open to exploring why that might be.

Strategic thinking, where new ideas are needed for intransigent problems and where whole systems may need to change.

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Mentors and Mentoring

A Mentor: An experienced and trusted friend, counsellor or teacher.

Mentoring: A process of listening, understanding the mentee's particular struggle or issue, and offering insights that allow the mentee to learn new ways to approach things, so that they can be guided by their own realisations.

How many of us wish that there had been someone in our life who had lovingly and wisely challenged us, encouraged us and offered us guidance? Where was that person when we needed them?

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