Psychology of Real Change

Psychology of Real ChangePsychology, for most people, is a subject shrouded in mystery and even fear, yet in essence is nothing more than a disciplined approach to understanding the true nature of why we are who we are and why we do the things we do (often against our own better judgement). As a mentor and coach I carefully apply this discipline to any real life situation; I help my clients to understand the internal and external forces that control them or limit them (these are usually hidden from conscious awareness), which in turn allows them to choose a different response. This applies to organisations as much as individuals.

When we can actually choose how to respond, rather than simply react, we open the door to changing our experience of our personal and work life. The journey of transformation starts with understanding what is going on under the surface, then learning how new approaches produce new results. This is an affirming process which evolves from a positive one-off experience into a long-term sustainable change. This is why I am here to facilitate.

I am not in the business of quick fixes or techniques because I have found their results are usually short-lived. If we are to deal effectively with what is in front of us then we must be authentic in ourselves, individually and collectively. Freeing ourselves from illusory strategies and unconscious game-playing can be hard graft but the rewards are well worth it – as you will see from my clients’ feedback.

As the old wisdom has it, if you keep getting undesirable results from your current way of doing things then perhaps it is time to try a new approach.

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