Client Feedback

Andrew, 33, Sussex

It was very shortly into my work with Lloyd that I knew this was the most important thing that was in my life, that all my other work really needed to take a back seat to what was going on right here. Lloyd offered acceptance, integrity and witness, and offered myself reflected back so I could look from different angles. His own knowledge of the path I was on was a crucial element of our relationship and served to cement the trust I felt between us. Choosing to work with Lloyd was the greatest gift I have ever given myself, and the rest of my life will always benefit from the insights I unearthed with Lloyd’s gentle guidance and facilitation.
Interview with Andrew

Jim Stone, London

I went to see Lloyd when my life had become unmanageable. Lloyd helped and supported me, stood by me for over two years, as I slowly opened my eyes and saw who I had become and where I had ended up. I flew into new and challenging skies and had a great navigator.

Anna, 39, now a leader in education

His mentoring and support was invaluable. Over time, the new me became more familiar and comfortable. I slowly began to need less support to maintain my sense of self, to retain my sense of value and self-belief.
Interview with Anna

Ben H, London

I got a personal referral to Lloyd. It was the hardest thing to admit to myself that I needed someone else to help me, but I was encouraged to reach out. My first meeting with Lloyd convinced me that I had made the right choice. Our work together has literally changed my life.

Graham, Fund Manager, London

I would like to thank you for the help, the trust and the inspiration you have been for me. Without you I would have never opened my eyes.

Helen W, West London

If I'd known exactly what was in store for me in our work together then I would probably never have come - BUT - I am very glad I did. I had reached such a low point and simply had no idea how to get myself out of it. Thank you.

Mike L, North London

Lloyd's clear insight and open, forthright approach really helped me to look at some major issues in my life which I had been avoiding, even with years of personal psychotherapy. He has a way of dealing with complex, emotive subjects which is both down to earth and deeply compassionate. I felt heard and seen.

Sarah Jane, West London

Sitting on a comfy couch blabbering out all my emotions was never going to be the answer for me. I needed a constructive, nurturing approach if I was going to fully challenge and focus on my personal journey of letting go of all the drama in my life. With Lloyd, I got all of that in an honest connection of complete trust that was undeniably a MUST for me. I am forever grateful.

Michael, 47, Company Director

With Lloyd you will immediately sense the compassion of a man who, rather than using intellectual expertise has arrived at his calling through the trials and tribulations of his own difficult journey. You will sense that Lloyd understands because he has been there. He will treat you with respect, kindness and a depth of integrity which will help you feel completely safe.
Interview with Michael

Alexander, Company Director

When my business partner and I decided to go our separate ways we went to Lloyd for help through the difficult process of dividing the company. Without Lloyd’s help it seems impossible that we would not have ended up in conflict. With his help the process passed quickly and efficiently allowing us both to focus on our own individual futures to our mutual benefit.

Deborah L, Hampshire

I had been depressed for years before I went to see Lloyd. The doctors and anti-depressants had not helped me so I was open to trying something new. Instead of trying to suppress my symptoms, Lloyd worked with me to identify the underlying cause. That was the gateway through which my healing happened and I am eternally grateful.

Sally, South London

Heart-felt thanks for your wisdom and sure guidance on my journey. I dread to think how things might have turned out otherwise.

James M, London

When you meet Lloyd, you just know that you are in safe hands. He is gently firm if that makes any sense. He accepted me without judgement (a first!), while also pushing and encouraging me to stretch myself. If you want a personal guide in your life then this is your man.