Interview with Michael

Company Director

1. What was it that brought you to seek Lloyd’s services in the first place?

I felt at a loss as to how to deal with the mid-life challenges of divorce, work and relationships. I was experiencing financial difficulties which I felt unable to resolve. These were exacerbated by various sanctions imposed by the courts during divorce proceedings. During this period I felt myself questioning my various assumptions about who I was: as a father, husband, friend, lover, breadwinner.

2. Briefly compare the feelings about working with Lloyd before and after you had actually done so.

I suffered from anxiety and chronic lack of confidence. I viewed much of my life as a failure. After working with Lloyd I felt more at ease and more relaxed; more comfortable in my own skin and more optimistic.

3. How would you describe the process of working with Lloyd?

Challenging, in that Lloyd was not doing the work for me by solving my problems, but rather pointing the way for me to seek my own insights. I was required to work, by reading, writing and reflecting. Looking back this seems entirely right and the only way to a lasting self-understanding and real change.

4. What did you get from your work together?

More self-acceptance, more compassion, more self-awareness, more of a sense of possibility, more easefulness. My life-experience has transformed such that I now enjoy more fulfilling relationships with my children, friends and loved-ones. My business is now flourishing and my financial situation has been steadily improving.

5. What might have happened in your life if you had not sought help?

I may well have been crushed by a sense of hopelessness and experienced bankruptcy and homelessness following my divorce.

6. Is there anything personal you would like to say to people who are thinking of working with Lloyd?

Lloyd will not make it easy for you, neither will he seduce you by a clever method. If you are window-shopping because you find self-development an interesting concept, go elsewhere. If on the other hand you are disappointed by the superficial methods of counsellors, or the condescensions of professional therapists, give him a try. Consider working with Lloyd if you feel that somehow your life is not working for you as well as it could, and you are passionate about working with someone who can guide you to deeper self-understanding. Examining one’s limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns requires not only courage but complete trust in the mentoring relationship. With Lloyd you will immediately sense the compassion of a man who, rather than using intellectual expertise has arrived at his calling through the trials and tribulations of his own difficult journey. You will sense that Lloyd understands because he has been there. He will treat you with respect, kindness and a depth of integrity which will help you feel completely safe.

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